Vita Life Medical Supplies

Vita Life Medical Supplies is an established medical supplies company providing quality products to its customers. Vita Life Medical Supplies is the medical supplies division of Peace World Group of Companies. The groups of companies are mainly in pharmaceutical, health care products, distribution and also in retail pharmacies. Vita Life Medical Supplies has a team of well trained and experienced marketing professional who continually strive to meet the company’s goals.

Our Mission and Vision

Vita Life Medical Supplies aims to supply its customers with products of international standards and bring about customer satisfaction with respect to their needs. Our Mission is to accurately ascertain user needs and potential demand and provide customers our best services.


  • Provide High Quality Products
  • Customer Satisfaction


  1. Balance Energy necklace
  2. Fensi Nail Shiner Stick
  3. Monster Magnetic Belt
  4. Power Balance Magnetic Belt
  5. OBI nail Polish Remover Swabs
  6. Vitalife Manicure Set
  7. Vitalife Metallic nail Cutters
  8. Power Balance magnetic Belt Nba


Applications from the candidates with great skills and competencies are invited.