Key Corporate Objective

To attain an affordable growth rate and maximize the return on investment which could be achieved by managing costs and increasing sales


  • To have a study, well planned and controlled growth.
  • To achieve and maintain a significant market share for the products offered by the company.
  • To attain an average sales growth rate of approximately 45% over three years.

Key element of Strategic Plan

  • Developing a comprehensive product sale strategy and establishment management and technical training programs.
  • Maintaining a critical focus on customer support as a value added opportunity
  • Finalizing the introductions of several new products for all the divisions
  • Establish accurate feedback and control systems

Company Strategy

To achieve our targeted goals and objectives, our marketing, sales and operations based on the three important integrated factors

  • Provide quality product
  • Provide quality service
  • Provide the lowest price possible

Financial Strategy

The main thrust of our financial Strategy is to maximize return on assets. We have introduced the following measures.

  • Asset management mainly accounts receivables and Inventory
  • Enhance the current accounting systems
  • Performance measurements systems and financial reporting systems to track sales and profitability and compare with set objectives
  • Establish a cash flow system to predict liquidity needs.
  • Financial planning system to project the outlook of the company growth based on the current diversification of existing product lines plus the business strategy outlined by the management.